Close Erase

Close Erase is Christian Wallumrod (pianist), Per Oddvar Johansen (drummer), and Ingebrigt Haker flaten (bass player). The trio became prominent figures in the new generation Norwegian jazz musicians that emerged around Bla in the late 1990’s. They were also part of other groups such as Atomic and Ken Vandermark, The Source and Zanussi 5. Close Erase is a group that has been a major part of this scene, alongside Jaga Jazzist and Atomic. They are known for their original compositions and soundscape, as well as intense live performances. Close Erase was heavily influenced initially by Paul Bley and Svein Finnerud Trio. They then incorporated elements of electronic music and rock into their music. Martin Revheim wrote in the linernotes that Paul Brey’s trio of albums around the Barrage, Closer and Other albums is the one that has the greatest influence. A strong, stubborn voice with a contemplative and heartfelt touch. The Svein Finnerud trio is a leaping band at the water’s edge. We hear the electric records Dance This and Sport Rocks. Miles Davis’ Live Evil, Cellar Door and Miles Hancock’s Sextant are also on the record. Miles mixed the repetitative elements from James Brown and Karlheinz Stockhausen with stubborness. This is however overtly simplifying. Even though the musical shoulders on which Close Erase are standing are quite audible, the musicians themselves are always more present then their models.” from

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