Clusone Trio

The Clusone Trio, also known as Trio Clusone or Clusone 3, was an international, creative group of musicians. They combined original compositions, improvisation and old jazz tunes to create music that was both witty and/or delicate but always won. By 1980, cellist Ernst Reijseger and alto saxophonist Michael Moore joined forces to form an occasional trio. They recorded music later that year that would be released on Hummeloord’s 1981 side of Taiming. Moore and Reijseger joined Bennink in the ICP Orchestra several years later. Reijseger and pianist Guus Janssen organized the Clusone 4 in 1988 to perform Clusone, Italy‚Äôs spring music festival. Janssen was forced to leave the group after they began booking more frequently. They only reunited with the quartet once more, in 1996 when Dave Douglas joined them for a short tour. Clusone 3 was the first of their two live recordings. I Am an Indian and Clusone 3 were released on Moore’s Ramboy label. However, Gramavision eventually acquired the latter. Their third album, Soft Lights and Sweet Music (HatArt 1993), was a studio recording. Rara Avis (HatArt 1999) and Love Henry (Gramavision 1997, 1997) were recorded later in 1998 to mark their ten-year anniversary. This unique group has toured in Canada, Australia, Norway, Mali, and China. bio from

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