The COALITION Band was actually founded in Philadelphia with a single LP, “Birth”. Dwight James played drums, Mike Falcone played saxes and flutes, Bill Collins sang and Tony Branco was on piano. Tony Branco, after a move to California, reformed COALITION with their first CD, TRIBUTES, in 1996. Chris Hermes played electric and acoustic bass, Joe Thomasula played drums, Bucci canencia played guitar, Marc Cunningham played clarinet, Jennifer Nam sang, and Tony Branco provided keyboards, keys, and synth. The CD was well received in Europe, especially by jazz fans in France and Italy. In 1999, the COALITION CD followed with STARWALK. Joe Malone joined the group to play a few drum tracks. The CD was a huge success in the U.S. especially in the Southwest. It also received solid radio airplay in many jazz markets. COALITION switched to a quartet format in 2002. The band won the Reno Jazz Festival’s small group category in 2003 and 2002. Nolan Stolz plays drums, Nick Tipping plays electric and acoustic bass, Richard Forrester plays guitar, Tony Branco plays piano, keyboards and synthesizer and Geoff Neumann is Nick Tipping’s substitute bassist. Nick is currently in New Zealand teaching at University. The latest COALITION CD entitled POINT OF VIEW is available at Borders Books in the U.S. as well as online at CD Baby. com. from

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