Colin Fisher

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, Colin Fisher is an active voice in the Improvised and Creative Music Community in North America. He has been active in the duo Not the Wind, Not the Flag which also includes Brandon Valdivia, percussionist. Their extensive recording output includes releases on Barnyard records, Barnyard, Already Dead Records and Healing Power. Pleasance Records will release a vinyl album and a live concert recording of William Parker. Both are due to be released on New Atlantis records. I HAVE EATEN THE CITY is an improvising trio featuring cellist/keyboardist/laptop artist Nick Storring and percussionist Brandon Valdivia. Their latest recording is a tape by UK label Tombed Visions. Colin recently recorded a recording with the nyc/philly group Many Arms, who then released “Suspended Definition” on John Zorn’s Tzadik label. Their collaboration was followed by a tour of the USA/Canada. Colin is part of the following bands: Bernice, Body Help and Caribou Vibration Ensemble. Ask the Oracle was also a member. The AIMToronto Orchestra performed at the guelph Jazz Festival playing the music of Anthony Braxton. Joe Sorbara, Glen Hall and Ronda Rindone were among the others who appeared with him. Colin was also awarded a Canada Council recording grant for 2007 which was used to record a duo with Jean Martin, The little man on a boat. This recording was released by Barnyard Records. From

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