Colin Stetson

Colin Stetson, a woodwind player, can play with power while maintaining a circular breathing pattern for long periods. He can also draw multiphonics from a sax with great skill and can grab attention with his focus on melodic improvisations. Stetson was raised in Ann Arbor, MI. He learned to play various saxophones and clarinets. In 1997, Stetson graduated from the University of Michigan with a music degree. He studied with Roscoe Mitchell and Donald Sinta and then went on to study with Henry Threadgill and Steve Adams. He co-founded Transmission, which later became Transmission Trio. In 1998, he performed with the progressive Detroit-area jazz-rockers Larval in their Knitting Factory album Larval 2. Along with the rest, he moved to San Francisco Bay Area in the summer of 1998. Transmission released its first album in 1999. Stetson began to play with Connector and the People’s Bizarre. These groups were influenced by Eastern European folk music, as well as Connector which combines acoustic instruments and electronic ones. He also continued to keep in touch with his Detroit/Ann Arbor connections, playing live with Ned Rothenberg and Fred Frith. He had previously played on Recloose’s first EP for Planet E. Their collaborations continued over time, culminating with the critically acclaimed full-length Cardiology by the DJ in 2002. Stetson was also tapped by Tom Waits that year to reed on his Alice and Blood Money albums. This led to considerable exposure and a live performance with David Letterman. Stetson released a limited edition 3 inch CD of a performance at the Artship, Oakland in 2002. His full-length debut in leadership came in 2003 with Slow Descent, his quintet recording. He also has his own website at Steve Huey, All Music Guide

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