Company (music Improvisation Company)

Evan Parker, a saxophonist, and Derek Bailey, a guitarist, met during their time playing with the Spontaneous Music Ensemble in late ’60s. They formed the Music Improvisation Company in 1968 with Hugh Davies and Jamie Muir, a percussionist. Although they were proficient in jazz, the music of the MIC was essentially, and deliberately non-idiomatic. It drew on all elements and musical thought that were available at the time. The result was dissonant and discontinuous. It is also a pioneer in improvised music. Parker and Bailey founded Incus Records with Tony Oxley as drummers in 1970. The label recorded MIC’s music and released the album Music Improvisation Company 1968-1971. The title reflects the short life of the group. In 1976, Bailey founded Company, an identical enterprise that employed a rotating staff and has featured a wide range of talented musicians from all over the globe. Bill Laswell, Steve Lacy and Fred Frith are just some of the many talented musicians who participated. The ensemble hosted the first “Company Weeks” in 1977. This was a week-long festival that featured improvised music with different guest musicians each night. This festival was made an annual event. Allmusic

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