Companyia Elèctrica Dharma

C.E.D. C.E.D. was founded by the Fortuny brothers back in 1974. It is today the most famous group in Catalonia. Josep, Joan, and Esteve, the founders of the group, introduced the Iberian rock scene to melodies and sounds derived from the Mediterranean and Catalan folklore. They also created a special soprano-sax that recalls the Catalan “tenora” to the more common rock instruments. This unique and eclectic band, which has been around for more than 30 years, still maintains the same spirit as its roots. Dharma’s music is a blend of Catalan tradition and modernity while keeping its original spirit. A new way of presenting the Catalan traditional instruments is possible. The band cleverly combines Mediterraneanethnic roots and jazz/rock with universalalism. This unique mix of musical influences creates an eclectic and diverse universe. Their music is a symbol for expressing their cultural identity and preserving certain universal values. It reaches far beyond Catalonia. Although their music may be different from traditional folk music, the original spirit of ethnic music is still respected and protected. The shows have a distinctive Mediterranean flavor with moments of inventive and exciting primitivism. This is what makes the show a fiesta. from

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