Confusion (greece)

After graduating from MUSICIANS INSITUTE in California USA in 1998, Achilleas Diorio and Don Mock taught him about Confusion. After being introduced to Jazz and Fusion, he knew this was the beginning of his life. Achilleas returned to Greece to find the incredible opportunity to work with Marcos Alexiou, a Greek Jazz pianist. He gave Achilleas two of his original compositions on “Flying To the Unknown” (Blue Mirror and Danger Zone). Achilleas describes it as “I was thrown in deep waters”. This was the start of the journey Achilleas was about to embark on. He began looking for musicians who would share his passion and be able to make a difference. Achilleas’ musical vision was to combine different elements, such as Jazz, Blues and Funk, while keeping it all in one theme. Seraphim Bellos on drums, Nikos Vardis and Mikis Boukalis on bass, and Stratos Diamantis and Alekos Orfanos on keyboards joined him to record his first album, “Confusion by Confusion”. John Mclaughlin Archives. “A surprising mixture of obvious Hellenic influences, and some highly innovative soloing.” These guys are tight and their debut CD was the one that launched the Greek Fusion phenomenon. Tom Voli – Gnarly Geezer Records. “A well-produced, clear and well-performed jazz-rock. Diamantis doesn’t have a preferred style. This is the beauty of Diamantis’ nine compositions. Reni Yedema, Io pages Progressive rock magazine. Achilleas began to look for musicians who would share the same passion and determination as him, and have the ability to create their own sound. They began to work on a new album after he found Takis Intas, PanagiotisHaramis. The band’s new album, “Genesis”, was released in 2001. Ten songs were self-produced. They switch effortlessly between hard Fusion-Rock and fast swing, before moving on to slow melodic ballads. Guests in The cd: Stratos Dimantis,Kristieanne Travers “The CD contains 10 incredible compositions that show complete originality as well as growth as a group” Gnarly Geezer Records. They released “Enter Alone” in 2003. In 2004, Achilleas relocated to Los Angeles, California to promote and play his music with Chris Stefanetti: bass. CONFUSION were back in Greece in 2006, working on new material. 2010 The CD “Different Colour” was released. Ric Fierabracci, the bass player on the new CONFUSION’S CD, is Ric Fierabracci. Trifon Koutsourelis : Keyboards Takis Intas : Drums Dimitris Giannopoulos : Sax You can download it here Now Achilleas Is Playing In greece With Panagiotis Haramis :Bass Trifon Koutsourelis :Keys from

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