Confusion Project

Confusion Project, a jazz trio that was established in Gdansk (Poland) in 2013, has enjoyed wide recognition both in Poland and abroad. Confusion Project’s music has been praised by critics as being emotional, communicative, and neo-romantic. Its goal is to perform jazz-fusion music in an original, delicate style while maintaining humor and lyricism. Confusion Project has performed over 100 concerts since its formation in Poland, Italy and Holland. Confusion Project was invited to perform at many jazz festivals such as the Komeda Jazz Festival 2013, Ladies Jazz Festival 2014 Gdanskie Nace Jazzowe 2014 Experyment 2015 Jazz nad Odra 2016, Jazz w Lesie 2016, Jazz w Ruinach 2016, Jazz in Philharmony (Kaliningrad) Karuzy Jazz Bass Day 2017, Slavonic Jazz Meets 2017 Baikal Waves Jazz Festival (Irkutsk) Confusion Project won awards at numerous jazz competitions in Poland, and was one of the prestigious European Jazz Contest in 2014, which became a finalists of the a prestigious European Jazz Contest in 2016. The trio won 2nd place in the “best instrumentalist” category at the 2016 international jazz competition Big Sky in Moscow. Confusion Project’s debut album, which was largely composed by its own compositions, was released in 2014 after it received an artistic scholarship from the city of Gdansk. The album was titled “How to Steal a Piano”. In 2015, Confusion Project received an artisitc scholarship from the Pomorskie Voivodeship. It released its second album “The Future starts Now” in October 2015. The CDs were very well received by critics.

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