Conjunto Candela

Conjunto Candela was founded in 1970 by pianist Hector Castro. By the time Conjunto Candela 1979 was released, Conjunto Candela’s bongosero Raphy Marzan assumed leadership. Raphy is the only remaining member of the group’s first album Conjunto Candela Volume Two (Combo 1977), which was recorded in 1977. Luis “El Tirano”, Rodriguez shared lead vocals with Miguel Quintana (1930-1904). Although the album’s five extended son monunos and a Guajira were arranged in SAR/Guajiro style, it is not clear who did so, although Alfredo Valdes Jr. was probably responsible. It is likely that Alfredo plays the solos on “Mayari”, and “Enamorada Guajira”. They released El Sabor Del Conjunto Candela/86 (Laslos 1986), with Charlie Palmieri as guest. This album has not been reissued. Highly recommended. from

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