Corrado Guarino

He was primarily self-taught and graduated from Verona Conservatory of Band Instrumentation. Franco D’Andrea taught him how to play the piano and how to compose arrangements. His compositions for jazz orchestra and wind ensemble won prizes at various international contests. He was a composer-arranger for the “Ensemble mobile”, an orchestra of jazz musicians from Bergamo, between 1990 and 2000. He wrote many arrangements for this orchestra, as well as original compositions. For many years he has worked with Tino Tracanna the saxophonist, on projects that border jazz and European cultural tradition music, including “Gesualdo”, which is based on Gesualdo da Venosa madrigals. Gianluigi Trvesi has worked with him on many orchestra projects, including “Dedalo”, the 2002 German Critics Award winner for Best Jazz Album of the Year. Franco D’Andrea, a pianist, helped him produce a “Concerto piano-jazz orchestra”. He was also a member the jury of the 2006 “Brussels Jazz Orchestra International Composition Contest”. He has been a member of the jury for the “Brussels Jazz Orchestra International Composition Contest” in 2006. He published “Le fiabe del jazz”, a collection of children’s albums with his quartet, Claudio Comini, and Roberto Piumini. This work inspired a show that was performed at several jazz festivals, and the Mantova Literature Festival in 2011. He leads a jazz quartet where he plays the piano. He taught jazz at Venice’s Conservatory of Jazz and Avellino Bologna. Monopoli Conservatory also taught band instrumentation. He was the teacher of ensemble at the “Nuoro Jazz” seminaries from 2004 to 2013. He teaches jazz composition at Brescia Conservatory. from

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