COSMOSQUAD, an instrumental progressive metal/rock band from the United States, was formed by Jeff Kollman (guitars), Shane Gaalaass (drums), and Barry Sparks. They were formed after some serious jams in a rehearsal room in Phoenix. The band soon moved to L.A. to begin recording their first album. In 1997, Kollman’s Marmaduke Records released the self-titled album. The band regrouped in 1998 to record Kollman’s solo album, “Shedding Skin”. This album was kind of a continuation to COSMOSQUAD’s self-titled debut. The band frequently plays songs from “Shedding Skin” on their live sets. As the band was getting ready for their first tour in 2000, Barry left the band because of commitments with other bands that year. Jeff and Shane knew that Christopher Maloney would be playing with them throughout the year in Los Angeles. Christopher then handed the bass chair back as the band was getting ready for their next record. The band invited various guests to help them develop and expand their sound. The release of “Squadrophenia”, which grew the band’s fan base in America and Japan as well as Europe, was a success. The band’s 2002 album, “Live at the Baked Potato”, was released. This compilation included recordings of the band performing throughout L.A. Barry became more involved with other artists and Christopher assumed the bass duties for the tour. Barry devoted himself to solo work in 2007, eventually leading to his permanent departure. However, the remaining members of the band continued to create material as a duo. Jeff would be the bass player for their next album, although they had their three “official” bass players Christopher Paul and Kevin on hand to record several songs. The band released the album “Acid Test” in 2007. The band eventually added Christopher to the lineup as bass player. This would replace Barry. After many live performances, the band released “Lights, Camera, Squad!” their first DVD.

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