Counter-world Experience

CWE has been setting the standard in progressive music since 2001 when they were founded. CWE blends Meshuggah-style grooves with Pat Metheny-like sounds, and mixes them with electronic sound fragments in order to create a delicate sound for those who are bored of mainstream prog. With their demo-Album “Always Home”, Benjamin Schwenen (guitars and guitar-synth), Sebastian Hoffmann and Thorsten Harnitz were able to present their music and gain recognition within the progressive scene for both their sound and their creative expression. The international press started to notice CWE’s debut album, “Fraktal”, (2005), and their subsequent output, “Leaving Lotus” (2007). CWE was regarded as one the most important players in the Jazz-Metal movement. CWE gained a reputation for being able to perform at prestigious venues such as the Burg Herzberg Festival and the Frankfurt Music Fair. They have a loyal and growing fan base thanks to their support of acts such as the Aristocrats Marty Friedman Gus G., Mathias IA Eklund and Marty Friedman. CWE released their third studio album, Metronomicon, in early 2009. The band set a new standard in progressive Metal with this album. “Metronomicon”, a band that is far more complex and skilled in instrumental playing, has surpassed the previous bands. 2012 was impacted by the almighty sovereign. CWE’s first concept album was released by recording “Music for Kings”. Each song is dedicated to a monarch and his culture, and offers an almost endless sound-diversity. 2016 continues the concept of conception through the use of the band members’ shared interest in science fiction. “Pulsar”, a collection of eleven futuristic-sounding compositions that are named after stars, offers a world of adventure, challenges, and the absence of gravity. Some of the band’s most acclaimed guests-musicians and friends are featured on “Pulsar”. On “Alpha Serpentis”, Steve Di Giorgio, the fretless bass legend, appears on the song. Hannes Grossmann, ex-Obscura and Ex-Necrophagist, is Hannes Grossmann, the drummer. The record features Chrisitian Meyers, a Trumpet player, and Fountainhead (Ex-Obscura), a fretless guitarist virtuoso (Ex-Obscura). With strong institutional partners like MIG and a lot of endorsement partners CWE is looking forward expecting the time coming… from

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