Cowboys From Hell

The Cowboys will be coming to town! You should close all stores and hide your girls in your home. Also, make sure your valuables are safe. The wild horses from hell don’t hesitate to use their Colts. Nothing stays put when the Cowboys are on stage. The Cowboys make daring musical excursions through different styles and melodies, as though a blizzard were to sweep through the streets. Daring arrangements create a storm that knocks down trees and blows off roofs. At times, the concert venue transforms into a battlefield of steamy funk grooves. The rock cannons explode to be followed by wild improvisations. Loud and clear are the influences of Rage against the Machine and Frank Zappa. The music is unique and fresh thanks to the unconventional use of electronic instruments. Every club has been rocking since the beginning thanks to their unbridled energy and wild playing spirit. It’s great news, of course, that the Cowboys keep on moving! Christoph Irniger, Sax

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