Craig Taborn

Junk Magic is a separate entry. Craig Taborn, born 1970, is an American keyboardist/composer. Taborn is a pianist, organist, and Moog synthesizer player. He also plays dark ambient and techno music. Taborn is best known for his participation in James Carter’s band. He also contributed to Conversation with the Elders (1994) as well as The Real Quietstorm (1994). He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1995 with a liberal arts degree. He worked alongside Mat Maneri, Roscoe Mitchell and Nate Smith in the 1990s. He also led his own trio in the 1990s. He played in the USA with Tim Berne (2001’s The Shell Game), and in a trio in 2003 with Susie Ibarra, Folkloriko (2004), and Songbird Suite (2001 2001). He worked in 2002 with Dave Douglas (Freak in), Hugh Ragin, and the Norwegian bassist Eivind Osvik. In 2003 Marty Ehrlich was there, Drew Gress in 2004 and Chris Potter (Underground 2005). Many musicians have worked with him, including Nate Smith and Lotte Anker, Chris Potter, Nate Smith and Gerald Cleaver. Wayne Krantz, Wayne Krantz. Adam Rogers, David Torn. Tim Berne. Wikipedia

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