Creation Rebel

Creation Rebel is the product of Adrian Sherwood, a prolific British producer, mixmaster and dub genius. It was Sherwood’s very first venture as a producer. Creation Rebel was originally formed to support Prince Far-I’s late reggae legend. They worked together from 1977-1980 and recorded some of the most memorable reggae dub music since Lee Perry. It’s thrilling to hear Sherwood’s amazing production and mixing skills in the early days of their band. The band, which includes drummers Style Scott and Fish Clarke as well as Clinton Jack, Clinton Jack, keyboardist Bigga, Crucial Tony, guitarist Crucial, and percussionist Slicker, plays with an effortlessness, grace, and power that studio bands would be proud to have. This is undoubtedly some of the most important and influential non-rock music made in England in late 1970s. Sherwood has used the band’s talents to great effect. Allmusic

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