Creative Construction Company

Fine early-’70s improvising group that featured some of the best soloists that decade. Although they didn’t record much, the group produced a lot of energy and far superior material to any free or spontaneously generated material. Leo Smith, Anthony Braxton and Muhal Richard Abrams would all go on to make significant contributions to music in the 1970s. From allmusic Braxton arrived in Paris in June 1969 hot on the heels of Roscoe Mitchel, Joseph Jarman and Malachi Favors. The quartet became known as the “Art Ensemble of Chicago” and Braxton began gigging with them. He also recorded with European musicians such as Gunther Hampel or Jacques Coursil. Braxton was riding in a taxi to the station upon arrival when he saw Steve McCall, a fellow member of the AACM. Soon McCall would join Braxton, violinist Leroy Jenkins and trumpeter Leo Smith in a quartet sometimes called the “Anthony Braxton Quartet” or the “Creative Construction Company.” from

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