Cry Freedom

Rudi’s mother was his first female fan. She sang him Elvis songs and used wooden spoons to beat along to his drum beats. Rudi was only 14 years old when he decided to pursue singing as a career, despite many parental objections. Rudi decided that he needed to learn a useful trade. He went into lithographic work at age 15. Although computers have largely replaced the trade, Rudi only studied briefly as he was already performing on stage at the tender age of 15. This is where Rudi has remained for over 40 years, with both a guitar and a microphone. His “Teenie-bands” were called the “Soulflower” or “St.James Assocation”, which was a great asset to Furth, his hometown. Rudi met Klaus Braun-Hessing, a drummer, and formed a musical friendship that continues to this day. Rudi’s next musical destination was “Cry Freedom”, a call to freedom that was not politically correct in the 1970s. Rudi Madsius was the guitarist and the singer of the band, which played at all the top clubs in Germany. Cry Freedom was the main act at clubs like Von der Camera, Furth, PN-Hithaus, Munich, Onkel Po, Hamburg and Onkel Po. Eric Burdon also used Cry Freedom to open his show as did “Free”. The first LPs were released. Between 1975 and 1980, “Volcano”, Sunny Day and “Nobody’s Fool,” were all produced. A best of “Anthology,” which is now available on a remastered CD, can be found here. from

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