DRAGAN PAJIC-PAJO (guitars and effects) and DAMIR PRICA KAFKA-CAPRI(saxes, clarinets, piano) founded the Cul-de-sac in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1987. Music of is characterised by improvisation and elements o free-jazz and noise, and allows for immediate expression of emotions and the free flow and consciousness of music without relying on a musical form. Both our own projects and those of theater and film authors have always been in the context of contemporary art. Some of these projects were linked to Luna Film, The Zagreb school for animation Luna Film. Some of the projects were connected to The Zagreb school of animation Luna Film. In the period 1987-1991, the following musicians were part of the group: PERO DUBRAVCIC (drums); NINO MARKOVAC (bass); MARIO BARISIN–BARA (Trobecove krusne Peci, Haustor and Brujaci films) -bass); IGOR PAVLICA–NAJGORI -trumpet. NEVEN JURICH–NENCHI (Kugla band. Striceki), IVAN MARUSIC–KLIFF-drums. We have been performing as Cul-de–sac duo in Amsterdam since 1993. However, we also perform with guests (a trio or quartet). Our concerts are dominated by the visual aspect. ANDREJA KOSAVIC-trompete, devices (also vocals in Pink Noise Quartet), NIKOLA VINCELJ-JINKS, (Zagreb/Amsterdam), visual artist and the author set-designs and posters, and NICOLE HEWITT-NICKY, (London/Zagreb), director, author, animator, and designer of Cul-de-sac’s cassette covers. There have been gigs at various locations in Amsterdam, including OCCII and Villa Omval, The Dijk Theater. Gallery W 139. Entrepotdok. Zaal 100. Academie OT301. from

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