Curtis Haywood

Curtis Haywood, a saxophonist, has always felt connected to the healing power of music. An anecdote shared by his mother is his earliest memory of his connection to music. “When I was 5-6 years old, I got my first instrument, a trumpet. It was bedtime, and I refused to go to sleep without it. My parents, who are West-Indian and were born to me, didn’t want any ‘back mouts’ from this little boy. They finally gave me the right to sleep with my trumpet, believing they had won. Music has been an integral part of Haywood’s daily life from that point forward. The former member of 1990’s rock band Joshua is now a solo artist with a strong voice. Haywood says that it has been a long journey since the breakup of my band more than ten year ago. It took me time to adjust, rebound and face my fears and meet the challenges of being alone. But it was always a non negotiable burning calling on my life,” he said about his decision to release his CD. Haywood is joined by a group of stalwarts from the R, jazz and gospel music worlds.

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