Cymande (pronounced “See-mandy”) is a British funk band that has released many albums in the 1970s. They reunited in 2014 for a European tour and are currently working on a new album. In 1971, Patrick Patterson and Steve Scipio formed the group in London, England. They also included musicians from Guyana and Saint Vincent. Cymande, a Calypso word meaning Dove, is the name that was used to describe peace and love. The group’s funk style was complex and subtle, and it was influenced by jazz, calypso rhythms and American soul music. The band disbanded in 1974 after the members went their separate ways by the middle of the 1970s. Their music was a popular source of samplers, and it wasn’t until 20 years later that the band reaped any financial benefits. Cymande’s original albums remain highly sought-after by DJs, funk enthusiasts and others who love funk. The band’s most well-known recording is “Bra”, a soulful dancefloor tune that was later sampled and used by De La Soul, Kool Herc, and Grandmaster Flash as a breakbeat track. John Schroeder, an English producer, accidentally found Cymande in a Soho club. This was where they were practicing. He had come to see a band, but it was cancelled. Instead, he found these West Indian musicians. He signed the band quickly and recorded their first single, “The Message”. Janus Records, a division Chess Records, released the single. The track reached #20 in the US Billboard R

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