Dakhla Brass

Dakhla Brass is a small group of musicians who have just a trumpet, two trombones, two saxophones and a drum set. Their unique fusion has echoes in the deserts and souks of Rajasthan, North Africa, the Caribbean carnival parades and downtown bars of Louisiana. The five band members arrived at Dakhla Brass with a wealth of musical talent in jazz, Latin rock, folk, soul and ska. The band’s music reflects all of that, but the band’s (highly original) compositions are more than the sum. Even these musicians are able to elevate their playing with the Dakhla Brass sound. They have three albums of original music and have been able to craft an identity through intricately written musical tapestries made from brass threads. BBC Radio 6, 5, and 6 have been impressed by their music and they have shared prestigious stages with other top contemporary bands such as the Youngblood, Hypnotic, and Hot 8 Brass Bands. From www.dakhlabrass.com

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