The legendary 1970’s Latin rock band, Dakila, made its triumphant return to the stage at 2013 Voices of Latin Rock. They were the star of the show. Dakila is still with us and you won’t want to miss this Latin Groove group that brought the city and its fans to new heights. We often think of Latin Rock as being performed by Hispanic or South American musicians. San Francisco is such a diverse city, it’s not surprising that there are many musicians who perform music from other countries. Dakila incorporated latin rhythms with Filipino flair. David Bustamante is one of the original members. After years of being asked by fans and organizations to bring back the music of “Dakila”, I felt the need to do so. This website is to help promote our upcoming performances, to connect with our fans and supporters of it’s music worldwide that began in 1971. from http://www.dakilaband.com

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