Dan Brubeck

Dan Brubeck was born in Oakland, California on May 4, 1955. He was a bright and energetic child who discovered his passion at the trap set. He was a professional musician before he reached his teens, thanks to the guidance of two master polyrhythmic teachers, Joe Morello (at Berklee College of Music) and Alan Dawson (at Berklee College of Music). Dan appeared on almost a dozen albums over the years with his father. He also toured extensively with the Dave Brubeck quartet, making many appearances with some of the most prestigious orchestras in the world. He has been an integral part of several Brubeck bands including the Darius Brubeck Ensemble and Two Generations of Brubeck as well as the New Brubeck Quartet. He has toured the world and recorded three albums with his electric jazz band, The Dolphins. He also co-led The Brubeck LaVerne Trio along with his brother Chris, and pianist Andy LaVerne. He is a versatile stylistic musician who has toured with artists such as The Band, David Benoit, Gerry Mulligan, and Paul Desmond. He has recorded with Larry Coryell (jazz guitar legend), Livingston Taylor (singer/songwriter), and Roy Buchanan (blues pioneer). Dan’s unique drumming style is both captivating and unrivaled. His distinctive and astonishingly textured drum solos have won standing ovations around the globe! Many jazz critics around the world have admired his uncanny timing and ability to use odd time signatures. He often combines melodic phrases with polyrhythms that sometimes stretch well beyond the bar line. His ability to master complex rhythms has earned him the reputation of being one of jazz’s most creative and talented drummers. Dan continues to record and perform with his siblings, Chris Brubeck (bassist, trombonist and noted composer) in the Brubeck Brothers Quintet and Darius Brubeck (pianist/composer in Brubecks Brubeck). Dan is also a member of the Vancouver-based Dan Brubeck Quartet, which features vocal superstar Adam Thomas. Celebrating the music and lyrics of Dave and Iola Brubeck was released by the DBQ in recent months. It features Dan’s father’s music as well as some of his mother’s lesser-known lyrics. Visit www.danbrubeck.com

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