Dan Zimmerman

Dan Zimmerman began playing guitar at seven years old. He was seven years old when a friend put Kiss’s latest album, Love Gun on the turntable. It hooked him immediately. Dan soon discovered that he had many other guitar heroes than Ace Frehley. He also loved Joe Pass, Eddie Van Halen, John Scofield and John Scofield. After high school playing in rock bands, he went on to study jazz at Berklee College of Music and classical guitar at UC Santa Barbara. Dan was a member of Evil Farmer, an improv rock/jam group known for its spontaneous, creative, and sometimes disastrous improvisations. They often shared the bill with other bands at festivals and clubs, including ALO, with whom Dan occasionally guests to this day. Dan has been playing guitar professionally in Santa Barbara since 1995. He has recorded and performed with many bands along the south coast, including Raw Silk, Spencer The Gardner, Roy Galloway—backup vocal for Marvin Gaye—and the internationally renowned Latin Jazz musicians Teka, and Luis Munoz. Dan has a broad appreciation for all styles of music through his experience in different environments. He has a Jazz musician’s passion for improvisation and the joy of rock, as well as the openness and friendliness of blues and folk. Common Ground was formed in the mid-nineties by Dan and Bucket Baker, a drummer for Kenny Logins, and Michael Jackson. It featured Dan’s instrumental jazz/fusion compositions. In the nineties, Dan formed a band with Cougar Estrada of Los Lobos. They co-wrote songs and Dan was a part of the first Conga Punks album. Dan is a regular studio worker. Notable sessions include those with 3rd Force, a chart-topping smooth jazz band, New York Jazz trumpeter Nate Birkey and Jay Ferguson, the keyboardist from the classic rock band Spirit. Dan produced albums for Leslie Lembo, Michael G. Dan is a respected guitarist instructor who has written articles for Guitar Player Magazine as well as the website truefire.com. Dan also has a list of private students whom he teaches online and in person. Dan currently records and performs with Luis Munoz, an international jazz musician. His albums Voz and The Dead Man received high praise. Dan just released Drifting Home, a CD of original compositions. from www.danielzimmermanguitar.com/bio

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