Dana Robbins

DANA ROBBINS is a highly-respected saxophonist who plays for Grammy Award (r), winning artists Delbert McClinton, and Aretha Franklin. She will release Dana Robbins in July 2014, as she prepares for a tour with her own band. In February 2014, she did a soft launch for her fans at the Sandy Beaches Cruise. This annual music cruise is organized by McClinton. The CD was very well received. Robbins, originally from Detroit, now calls Nashville her home. She spent seven years in Los Angeles, where she recorded and toured the country with Barry Manilow, playing alto, tenor, and soprano saxophones, as well as flute, piccolo, and also played soprano, alto and tenor saxophones. She has played with John Mayall and Chaka Khan, James Brown and Steve Cropper, as well as Roger Daltrey and John Mayall. Delbert McClinton says Dana is her hero. “I’m lucky to be able to make music nightly on the same platform with her,” Aretha Franklin said to Robbins. Dana Robbins is her follow-up to So So Good, her 2010 debut. The album contains 11 songs and is a mixture of original music, cowrites, and cover music. Six of the 11 songs are instrumental. Four of the songs feature Delbert McClinton’s vocals (“Hardest Part” u0026 “Pullin’ The Strings”), and Jimmy Hall (“Party On The Ocean”), former Wet Willie lead vocalist. Robbins makes her vocal debut with “Right As Rain,” and is just as good on her horns as her voice. The recording was done at Ronnie’s Place, Nashville. This legendary venue has been a staple in the Nashville music scene for more than 50 years, with clients like Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, and Loretta Lynn. Tom Hambridge produced the album, who also produced Grammy Award(r), winning albums for Buddy Guy (and B.B. King. It was produced by Justin Francis and Kam Lauchterhand, and mixed and master by Tom Hambridge and Michael Saint-Leon at The Switchyard. Robbins and Hambridge gathered some of Nashville’s best musicians for the recording.

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