Daniel Erdmann

Daniel Erdmann is an improvising musician, composer, and *28.10.1973 located in Wolfsburg, Germany. Daniel Erdmann has been playing the Saxophon since 1983. He studied at Hochschule fur Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin, 1994-1999, and was awarded a grant by the French high cultural council in 2001. He has been a frequent traveler between Berlin and Paris since then. Daniel has appeared on many cd-recordings and has performed at major festivals around the globe, including in Berlin, Paris. New York, Lisbon, Rotterdam, New York, New York, Lisbon, Rotterdam, etc. He has two albums on Enja Records under his own name with his current band, “Erdmann 3000”. Erdmann has collaborated with Aki Takase and Ed Schuller as well as Linda Sharrock, John Schroder and Joachim Kuhn. He also works with Joshua Bisset, choreographer, and Martin Otter, filmmakers. Gerard Rouy, french jazz magazine, March 2007, wrote that Daniel Erdmann was “one of the most innovative players on the international stage.” from http://www.daniel-erdmann.com

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