Daniel Garcia (daniel Garcia Diego)

Daniel Garcia, a pianist from Spain who is one of the most prominent voices in the new generation of Spanish Jazz, said that “Flamenco” and “jazz are brothers.” They share some common traits: self-expression, total engagement in the moment of making music and the deep experience of that moment. He sums up “Travesuras” in this way: Garcia has studied the music of his native country and has blended it with the vocabulary of the modern-day jazz trio. It is music that is expressive and stands on its own terms. It is also music in which rhythmic intensity, melodic richness and harmonic finesse are allied with exceptional virtuosity. He has a long-standing musical relationship with his band-mates, bassist Reinier Elizarde “el Negron”, and drummer Michael Olivera. We exchange information constantly and respond to it. It’s almost as if we’re creating a sculpture in real-time. This is a very intense experience and it seems possible to let the audience share that intensity. Jorge Pardo, a Spanish flautist, is featured on two tracks. Pardo, a flamenco jazz veteran who has performed with Spanish musical icons like Paco de Lucia or Camaron de La Isla as well as Gerardo Nunez as Chano Dominguez, is Pardo. from www.danielgarciadiego.com

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