Daniel Karlsson

Daniel Karlsson was conceived in 1973 in Kristinehamn (a Swedish town near the Vanern Lake in the Varmland County). He moved to Skurup in the county Skane in 1992 to attend the local musical High School. There he learned piano and jazz full time. He was accepted at the Royal Music Academy (Kungliga Musikhogskolan), in Stockholm two years later. There he studied a program that focuses on the Afro-American musical traditions. Daniel spent four years there with Alvaro Is Rojas, Ove Lundin and other students. He quickly made a name for himself in jazz and joined the Fredrik Noren Band (FNB), since 1995. FNB is sometimes called the Swedish Art Blakey because it is where many talented young musicians from Sweden began their careers. FNB arranged for Daniel to tour with Ron Blake and Nicolas Payton. FNB put Daniel in touch with Lennart, who then took him to a quartet with Atkins and Spering. While Daniel was with FNB, he also played alongside many other Swedish musicians and artists, including Rigmor Gustavsson (Viktoria Tolstoy), Magnus Lindgren, Jaenette Lindstrom, Magnus Lindgren, Magnus Lindgren, Jaenette Lindstrom, and others. He formed Oddjob in 1997. It was his top priority. Oddjob is a musical group in which members collaborate during rehearsals. They have had great success in Europe and released seven albums. In 2002, they won the Swedish jazz music Grammy. Their latest album Jazzoo is dedicated to children. It also won the 2014 Swedish Grammy in children’s music. Oddjob recently released a double-live album, which was recorded in Bremen at two different times. Oddjob’s Daniel also toured with Lisa Nilsson and Till Bronner (2002-2005 and 2004-2008). In 2005, he won the “Jazz in Sweden” scholarship and was then releasing his “Pan-Pan” album. He began his collaboration with Magnus Ostrom in 2012 by appearing on their latest album, “Searching for Jupiter” and touring Europe. Daniel is also a keen boater and has a great passion for the Stockholm archipelago. He moved to Runmaro in 2004 with Ann-Sofi, his partner. They wanted to experience island life. Daniel purchased a Bellona taxi boat, which has become a part of his daily life. Ann-Sofi and Daniel have two children. from http://danielkarlssonmusic.com

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