Daniela Soledade

Although Daniela Soledade might not seem to be a new name in Brazilian music at first, her impact on the listener is immediately felt. Her debut album, A Moment of You (2019 Blue Line Music Records), features a bold and subtle vocalist. The album features a carefully selected set of Bossa Nova gems, Brazilian-ized standards, and original songs. It was created in partnership by Nate Najar. This album showcases the vocalist’s mature interpretations and luminous tone. Beyond the music’s appeal, there is a deeper story behind Soledade’s musical journey. Her grandfather Paulo, who collaborated with Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius De Moraes, as well as her father Paulinho, who worked with Gilberto Gil and Ivan Lins. As a child, Daniela spent her time in the top studios of Rio de Janeiro. She studied flute at Music Conservatory Villa Lobos in Rio at 14 and continued her music career in Florida at 16. A Moment of You is the result of Soledade’s international music career and a launch point for her promising future. She explains that the album’s title comes from Antonio Carlos Jobim’s song “Someone to Light Up My Life”. “I felt that it suits the stage in my life as I was recording this album. This is my chance to be me, to invest in my own future and to chase my dreams. Nate Najar, Soledade’s right-hand musical friend and guitarist/producer, forged a mutually beneficial vision for the record with her. They were drawn to what Soledade called the “intimate and quiet, beautiful moments” of Bossa Nova. Najar said, “When I think about Bossa Nova I think Joao Gilberto- that quiet and intimate aesthetic.” Daniela and myself discovered we both love the same aesthetic. Najar emphasizes the importance to have a cohesive personality. He says that people will still listen to an album like this. “I want to ensure that the flow from top to bottom feels a certain way.” This is how I describe A Moment Of You in terms of musical style and sequence. A Moment Of You opens with “Eu Sambo Mesmo”, a classic samba song. It then moves through a bossa-flavored Gershwin version of “The Man I Love” and ends with a voice-guitar duet from Charles Trenet’s”I Wish You Love.” Brazilian music is well represented in A Moment Of You, including Marcos Valle “Someone to Light Up My Life,” Rosa Passos “Dunas,” Los Hermanos “Veja Bem Meu Bem Meu Bem Meu Bem Meu Bem Meu Bem Meu Bem Meu Bem Meu Beh Meu Bem Meu Bem Meu Bem Meu Bem Meu Bem Meu Bem Meu Bem Mem Meu Bem Meu Bem Meu Bem Meu Bem Meu Bem Meu Bem Meu Bem meu Meu Meu Meu Meu Meu Meu Meu Mem the Soledade crest Daniela says that it is an honor to have three generations of Soledade songs included on my debut album. This was something very special for me. It was a very special moment for me. I really admire my grandfather’s talent, and I feel very privileged. Daniela adds lyrics to the song, as well as a solo guitar performance by her father, who was flown in from Rio. Also, Duduka Da Foonseca, the famous Brazilian drummer, is a guest. “Sonho Desfeito,” a 1956 samba, was written by her grandfather Paulo Soledade. Antonio Carlos Jobim also wrote it. Daniela points out, “the fact Antonio Carlos Jobim composed this with him makes it extra special because it links our musical family and the beginning of Bossa Nova.” Soledade is best known for the haunting “Ninho” tune. “Ninho” was composed on the guitar with four chords and the lyrics in Portuguese. This song’s rhythmic style is known as a “Baiao” (a style that comes from the Northeastern part of Brazil). Nate would be pleased with the arrangement and harmony that I had created. I was also asked by him to add a third section to it. We did this together, adding lyrics and melody, as well as harmony. It was a great choice to ask Patrick Bettison for harmonica. Soledade is now ready to take her place in the wider music scene. She says that A Moment of You is her favorite project. It’s wonderful to have the songs of my grandfather and dad along with my own. The recordings have a rich, intimate sound that is delicate and rich. It is a great album, and the musicians that play it are all world-class musicians. The vibe, the feeling, and the authentic Brazilian rhythms, everything is perfect for me. I couldn’t think of a better album to take me to the next stage of my musical life.” from https://danielasoledade.com

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