Daniele D’agaro

Daniel D’Agaro was a Spilimbergo native (Friuli) in August 1958. In 1979, he began his professional career playing in the Mittel Europa Orchestra, an Italian band that performed improvised music with international guests. Daniel D’Agaro moved to Berlin, Germany in 1979 and then to Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1983. He has performed with and toured alongside many musicians from jazz and improvised music. He was a member of many dutch bands, including J.C. Tans Orchestra and Sean Bergin’s M.O.B. He also toured with Frankie Douglas’ Sunchild, a Carribean band. With American cellist Tristan Honsinger, and Dutch bassist Ernst Glerum, he formed the Lingua Franca Trio. D’Agaro, along with Tobias Delius and Sean Bergin, has been a tenor since the late 1980s. They formed the Trio San Francisco that combined many aspects improvised music such as South AfricanKwela and Folk Music. They played a variety of instruments including clarinets and flutes as well as saxes, clarinets and concertinas. He performed a piece commissioned by the international festival October Meeting ’91 in Amsterdam in october 1991 for an ensemble that included improvisers as well as the Val Resia ensemble (an ethnic string conclave from eastern Italian Alps). His Lingua Franca Trio, which included the Senegalese Griot singer Mola Sylla, and Richard Teitelbaum, an electronica and computer specialist, toured the United States in 1993. The original clarinet and cello, plus the Senegalese singer Mola Sylla, Paco Diedhiou, and Issa Sew, were part of the group. He toured 1996 with Hidden Treasures, his unpublished music by Don Byas. The quintet featured veteran trumpeter Benny Bailey, and Han Bennink, the drummer. The original music was composed from Don Byas’ manuscripts, which were found by D’Agaro at Amsterdam’s Ducth Jazz archive. He returned to Udine -Italy in 1996, and formed a duo performing music from Duke Ellington’s sacred concerts, post-gregorian music, and free improvisations. He recorded and toured with Mark Helias, New-York’s bassist. He performed in Chicago, where he presented Don Byas compositions that he had never heard before. He recorded “Strandjutters”, a live CD in Cologne, with Han Bennink, in June 2002

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