Dark Hall

DARK HALL is a fresh breath of air in the midst the “radio safe” commercial music and the “real book club” members. The blend, which is a modern-day fusion of sound u0026 style, features a retro borrowing from the old school and setting precedent for the new school. This quartet is a unique gem in the east San Francisco Bay area. They are able to seamlessly blend the best aspects of different music genres into an explosive, finely tuned musical movement. DARK HALL’s music is a continuation of their unique originality. It is our goal to create musical entertainment that transcends genres and audiences. The band recognizes that people have wide ranging listening preferences and open minds. They will continue to try new and exciting ways to entertain. Steve DiGiorgio (bassist), Flamp Sorvari (flute/sax player) and Chris Dugan (drummer) formed the band. It began as a studio project, which was originally a trio that started in April 1992. They added Eric Cutler to the mix to expand their sonic capabilities. The quartet structure was intact and the first demo recording was made in the summer of 1994. The five-song offering was called Solace and was recorded mainly at Bay Records in Berkeley CA. Although the demo was not widely distributed, it was well received. Positive feedback was received from mail order listeners. Local distribution was also possible. DARK HALL gathered its collective energy to create the new material in 1995 (released as an untitled demo). The new songs feature Ken Schultz as guitarist. These songs have the same emotion, exploration, and drive that the band has used on the previous material. The band hopes to reach a wider audience with their new recording, which was released in late ’96 with more use of new sounds. The band is confident that their latest recording will allow them to realize their goals. They plan to increase the distribution of the demo and live performances. Be part of this up and coming act, and take…A Trip Down A Dark Hall from http://www.stevedigiorgio.com/darkhall

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