Daryl Stuermer

Stuermer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 27, 1952. He is a 1970 St. Francis High School graduate. Stuermer was discovered playing in Sweetbottom’s Milwaukee band. He auditioned for the position of backing jazz violinist Jean-Luc Ponty, and was awarded it. Stuermer recorded four albums with Ponty. Stuermer was recommended by Alphonso Johnson to replace Steve Hackett in late 1977. Stuermer joined Genesis in the first place as a touring guitarist and bass player. He remained that way until 1992 when he was promoted to the Genesis Turn It on Again Tour. (While with Genesis Stuermer alternated between guitar and bass with Mike Rutherford when necessary. Stuermer became the lead guitarist for Phil Collins’ solo career in 1982 after he left Genesis. In doing so, he went from what Collins called a “permanent-temporary-part-time member” of Genesis to a “permanent-touring-recording member” of Collins’ new group. Both musicians have enjoyed a fruitful collaboration. Stuermer has also been given co-writing credits on many Collins songs. Stuermer has released eight solo albums: Steppin’ Out and Live and Learn, Another Side of Genesis and Waiting in the Wings. He also recorded Retrofit, “The Nylon String Sampler”, and “Rewired the Electric Collection”. Most recently, Stuermer released Go! Sweetbottom’s live reunion album was released in 2002 at Shank Hall, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He graduated from St. Francis High School, St. Francis, Wisconsin and returned to his hometown to perform a free concert in 2002. His album “Go! His album Go! was released in the early part of 2007. This album features many tracks from Stuermer’s Sweetbottom days and also includes appearances by Alphonso Johnson and Kostia. Stuermer was reunited with Genesis in 2007 for their Turn It On Again: The Tour reunion. His current project, Daryl Stuermer-Symphony Concert, involves Eric Hervey, Kostia, and Alan Arber. It also includes Forrest “Woody”, Mankowski and Eric Hervey. The concert recreates classic Genesis songs and Daryl’s solo instrumentals. Stuermer was a Fender Stratocaster owner for the majority of his time with Phil Collins. He used a Candy Apple Red, a 3 Tone Sunburst and a Candy Apple Red guitar. However, he also played banjo in the Phil Collins song “The Roof Is Leaking”. He also played the Fender Stratocaster during his time with Collins and Genesis. In 1978, he switched to Gibson RD Artist and Ibanez electric guitarists. From 1978 to 1984, he switched to a SUNTECH SA-MFSC “Stratocaster Style”, guitar. He also used a Shergold Bass Guitar (1980), a Fender Precision Bass Guitar in 1981/1982 and a Status Bass Guitar and Ibanez Guitar (1983-1984), a Steinberger Bass Guitar (1986-1987) and guitars (1986/1987), a Yamaha Bass Guitar in 1992 and again 2007. Since 2007, he has been primarily using an LGXT electric guitar by Godin. He also uses the Fender Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster and Fender American Standard Stratocaster. Wikipedia

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