Das Kapital

Since the release of the CD Ballads & Barricades Das Kapital has become a household name on the European Jazz scene. Playing festivals such as Tampere Jazzhappening, Saalfelden, Europa Jazz, Jazz sous les Pommiers, Berlin Jazzfestival, Deutsches Jazzfestival… making tours in Kazakhstan, the Baltics, Morocco, Central America, all over Europe of course centered in Germany and France, the trio has become one of the most exciting grops of the moment. With Kind of Red the moment has come for Das Kapital to present it’s proper compositions to the world. The direct inspiration for this move was the Wayne Shorter Quartet’s concert in Berlin in november 2012. The mastery of time and form, the improvisation and the sheer beauty of this music pushed Das Kapital towards making clarity and simplicity the main concern of their compositions and improvisations. It is possible to state that Kind of Red is a more mature music. In any case Das Kapital finds that their music has found it’s real form. The title Kind of Red is of course a respectful nod (not too respectful, it is Das Kapital after all) towards the tradition of musical freedom and clarity that Miles Davis mastered to perfection. With Kind of Red Das Kapital does not become custodians in the Great Jazz Museum. The humour, the freshness, and the rapidity of musical interchange is and will remain the main characteristics of these three European jazzmen. from http://das-kapital.com.

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