Dave Chamberlain’s Band Of Bones

Dave Chamberlain was born in Buffalo and began playing trombone when he was ten years old. He was inspired by his cousins’ performances in a brass quartet while watching the Ed Sullivan Show. In high school, he began to double on flute and went on to earn a B.S. He earned a B.S. in flute and an M.S. in trombone. trombone. John Wummer and Carmine Caruso were his primary teachers. John Swallow and John Rojak were also his primary teachers. Dave has also added the tuba, euphonium and bass trombone to his repertoire since he arrived in New York. Band of Bones is Dave’s fourth CD as a leader. Dave’s other projects are the Hora Decima Brass Ensemble (www.horadecima.com, Summit Records) and the Afro-Caribbean group Direct Latin Influence (www.directlatininfluence.com, two self-produced CDs.) Dave has performed with Jaki Byard’s Apollo Stompers and Mike Longo. He also played with Gary Morgan’s Pan Americana and Bill Whited. Dave is best known for his work with Latin music. He has recorded and performed with Conjunto Melao (Tambo), Wayne Gorbea (Cru Control), Dave Santiago, the Mambo Legends Orchestra and Direct Latin Influence. Additional performances include Tito Puente’s Rafael Cortijo and Kako as well as Mon Rivera, Mon Rivera and the Big 3 Palladium Orchestra. Dave was a touring member of the National Company of Cats and was the Latin band leader with Direct Latin Influence for six years at Rockefeller Center’s Rainbow Room. from http://bandofbones.com

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