Dave Harrington Group

Harrington, along with Nicolas Jaar, has been a guitar hero since the debut of Dave Harrington’s Darkside project in 2011. Harrington’s blend of avant-garde jazz roots and psychedelic touchstones such as Jerry Garcia or David Gilmour is a combination that makes him a sophisticated dance floor burner. Although his new album Pure Imagination and No Country may not sound like a Darkside record it does exist at a different axis of the continuum. Harrington uses the guitar as his lead vocal, creating and shaping a new language with a talented cadre of musicians including Will Shore, Andrew Fox, Samer Ghadry, drummer Samer Fox, and Lars Horntveth, post-rock polymath from Jagga Jazzist. Harrington will also announce a 5-night residency in Brooklyn, New York, Jan. 30th – February 3rd, featuring a rotating lineup of musicians including Yuka C. Honda (Sharkzad Ismaily), Joe Russo and Kenny Wollesen), Stuart Bogie, Yuka A. Honda, Shahzad Ismaily as well as Zebulon in Los Angeles, on February 21st. Bandcamp

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