Dave Keller

Dave Keller is one the most influential blues and soul musicians of his generation. Keller grew up in Worcester, MA. He loved music but didn’t learn to play guitar until 16 and didn’t start singing until 20. Then he discovered the blues. Keller made the move to Vermont in 1993 and launched The Dave Keller Band in 1996. He formed an unbreakable friendship with Mighty Sam McClain in 1998. Keller’s relationship with Sam and soul/blues legends Johnny Rawls, along with Robert Ward, was a great addition to his music. His live-wire shows were a hit. You could find Keller fifty feet away from the crowd, playing whisper-soft licks on his strat, and then singing off-mike to the enthusiastic crowd. This earned Keller a loyal fanbase that stretches far beyond Vermont. With thousands of gigs in coffeehouses and bars, to top festivals and clubs across the northeast, he ‘paid his dues’. Ronnie Earl, a legendary guitarist, discovered Keller in 2009 and featured him as a singer and co-writer for Earl’s award-winning CD Living In The Light. His marriage fell apart just as Keller’s music was starting to take off. Keller channeled the pain of his divorce and turned it into music. He won the 2012 International Blues Challenge CD Award (Where I’m Coming From) and was nominated for a 2014 Blues Music Award nomination (BMA). This album, which he recorded in Memphis with Al Green’s Hi Rhythm Section, was awarded the Blues Music Award (BMA). Keller’s ability to turn his personal experiences into universal stories has improved with each album. Right Back Atcha (Sept. 2016) continues this trend. It features Keller’s powerful voice, his guitar playing and his memorable songs. Dave Keller’s dedication to his art is evident in his ever-growing fan base. “Everywhere I go I see people hungry for connection. To give them something real. “I think they give me that.” www.davekeller.com

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