Dave King

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1970. Studied piano and drums when a teenager. Played in some amazing grade school, jr high school and high school bands and ensembles…………..seriously ground breaking in approach and chart selection including a big band version of “R.O.C.K. John Mellancamp, formerly John Cougar and John Cougar–Mellancamp, was the U.S.A.’s “official” photographer. In 1989, when NYC was still awash with barrel fires, I moved to the east. This is where you can find a $7.00 espresso. To warm up, moved to Los Angeles in 1991. Only a few miles from the epicenter for the 1994 L.A. earthquake. I decided that this wasn’t the right place for me. Returned to Minneapolis. Co-founded Happy Apple. Co founded Love-Cars. Halloween, Alaska was founded by me. I joined 12Rods. Co-founded The Bad Plus in NYC in 2000. The Gang Font was co-founded by Greg Norton, punk icon Husker Du. Perform in music on 6 continents and 75 countries. Over 50 recordings. Apart from my work groups, I have recorded or performed with Joshua Redman, Dewey Redman, and Bill Frisell. Jeff Beck. Tim Berne and Hank Roberts, Chris Speed and Kurt Rosenwinkle. Also, I have worked extensively with Isaac Mizrahi, renowned fashion designer, on his TV and fashion week music. I have composed and recorded music for film, including two animated films made by Tom Shroeder. 6 seconds of one my drum beats appears in “The Hot Chick”, starring Rob Schneider. From www.daveking.net

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