Dave Zinno

Dave Zinno is a professional performer since 1980. He also teaches at Brown University, Salve Regina, and URI. He moved to Seattle, Washington after completing his studies at Berklee College of Music. He spent one year working with Grammy-winning vocalist Dianne Schur. Dave performed with jazz legends Julian Priester and Hadley Caliman. He also studied briefly with Gary Peacock. He then moved to New York City, where he studied bassist Walter Booker Jr., and performed with many jazz greats such as Jimmy Cobb, Junior Cook and Jimmy Heath. Dave started regular tours throughout Europe, South America, North Africa, and the USA. He was also a faculty member at the Toulon (France)Jazz Festival Workshop for 11 year. Widely recorded, Dave’s most recent recordings include UM “Stray Dog” with Hal Crook, John Medeski, Rick Peckham and Bob Gullotti (Rope-a-Dope Records), “Planet Safety” ( Soul Note Records featuring Gullotti and Leo Genovese),”New Stablemates”(Arabesque) with Jared Sims, Eric “Benny” Bloom and Steve Langone, “Remembering Billie” and “The Music of Jule Styne”(Blue Dutchess) with Scott Hamilton. AGNZ “Chance Meeting”, featuring Jay Azzolina, Dino Govoni and Adam Nussbaum (released on Whaling Sound in 2016), reached #17 on JazzWeek’s charts. Also available on Whaling city John Stein/Dave Zinno “Wood and Strings,” Shawnn Monteiro “To Carmen With Love,” Steve Langone Trio (“Breathe”) (2017) and Debra Mann (“Full Circle”) (2018). Whaling City has two recordings featuring Dave Zinno Unified “River of January”, Mike Tucker, Eric Bloom, Leo Genovese, and Rafael Barata (2017), and Dave Zinno Unified “Stories Told” (2019). In 2019, Doug Olsen Group, Christine Fawson (“Sings Jazz”) and Mark Walker (“You Get What You Give”) were released. Recent tours include concerts and festivals in Brazil and Italy. Dave is a highly sought-after sideman, having performed with Harry Allen, Dado Moroni and George Garzone to name a few. Visit www.brown.edu

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