David Bixler

David Bixler, Alto saxophonist, composer, has just embarked upon an artistic reemergence. He released two new recordings, In the Face of Chaos (2019), with Bixler and Boccato, Cowherd and Sturm, as well as Blended Lineage (2021) with the Bixtet. Bixler had to make a change in his priorities over the past decade, a time when his family had devoted much of their energy to caring for his youngest child. Bixler’s creative reuse approach is clearly evident in his latest output. Bixler assembled a band to deliver the message of hope and resilience in In the Face of Chaos. Bixler’s music is sensitively interpreted by Jon Cowherd as a pianist, Ike Sturm as a bassist and Rogerio Boccato as percussionist. The result is music that is both challenging and beautiful. The four-movement work Blended Lineage features nine musicians: Mike Rodriguez, Jon Cowherd and Luke Sellick as trumpeter and percussionists. Fabio Rojas plays percussion and Fabio Rojas plays percussion. A string quartet includes Josh Kail, Heather Martin Bixler and Josh Ingolfsson. This piece was created as part of a commission that addressed the topic of modern-day tribalism. Bixler created the concept of “tribe” from the perspective that all people belong to groups or tribes. Recognizing these tribes is the first step to breaking down the barriers between them and finding their intersection. Bixler describes four tribes that he is part of. These are the human race (a Wisconsinite), a musician and those who see the spiritual as a reality in life. The music serves as a reflection for each of these groups. Origins, the first piece, is dedicated to all of humanity’s beauty and diversity. Motherland is a tribute to his Wisconsin roots. Trenches is dedicated the musicians of NYC who prefer musical rewards to monetary ones. The final piece, My Soul Swoons softly, is inspired by James Joyce’s The Dead and is a reflection of the Divine existence beyond the visible and tangible. Bixler hosts Liner Notes With David Bixler, which is a podcast that features conversations with jazz musicians. He also serves as the Director of Jazz Studies at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. He is both a Vandoren Artist and a Selmer Artist and is an active clinician and performer around the globe. Bixler lives in New York City with his family. From www.davidbixler.com

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