David Dower

David Dower, a jazz composer and pianist based in London, is David Dower. Born in Australia, he is a recent West Australian Academy of Performing Arts student. Matt Fisher, a drummer/percussionist and member of the free jazzers Entropi has created this musical potpourri to dazzling effect. A piece of remarkable maturity and masterly musicianship. They offer a wide range of emotions. They have a wide range of moods and feelings. Like any improviser, Dower works from a vocabulary. This is a collection of phrases and chord voicings as well as licks. But what makes Dower a memorable and essential player? He has lovingly created a vocabulary that is more than just imitation. This makes his playing instantly recognisable without sounding artificial or prosaic. His classical edge is evidently influenced by French impressionist composers. He must be a big fan of Chopin, Debussy and others! I find refreshing sounds from a new band essential listening! From www.bluesandsoul.com

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