David Helbock

Two rewards and the audience prize at the world biggest jazz-piano-solo competition of the jazzfestival montreux, a lot of enthusiastic/international reviews for his CDs and the most important prize in Austria 2011 – the “Outstanding Artist Award” – David Helbock, the pianoplayer coming from a small little village in Austria called Koblach, is with no doubt, on his way up to a great international musical career. Helbock is more than a pianist. He is also an individual thinker who puts a lot of effort into his projects. David Helbock was born 28 January 1984. He started playing piano when he was six years old. He attended the Feldkirch Conservatory under Prof. Ferenc Bognar, and graduated in 2005 with an “excellent degree” in performance. Since 2000, he has taken lessons from Peter Madsen, a New York jazz pianist, who was his mentor, friend, and teacher. David Helbock was a tour and recording artist in various countries, including the USA, Australia, Mexico and Kirgistan. David Helbock has been a prolific composer since the beginning of his musical career. One of his most notable works is the “One-Year Compositional Project”, where he composed a new piece each day for a year. (In April 2010 his “Personal Realbook” with over 600 pages of music was released) from http://www.davidhelbock.com

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