David Spinozza

American producer and guitarist David Spinozza. He was a collaborator with John Lennon and Paul McCartney during the 1970s. In addition, he worked closely with James Taylor, who produced Taylor’s album Walking Man. Spinozza was a McCartney collaborator during McCartney’s 1971 Ram album sessions. Two years later, Spinozza had the opportunity to work with Lennon. Yoko Ono was preparing her Feeling the Space album, while Lennon was working on his Mind Games. Spinozza found out that Lenon didn’t know he had worked with McCartney previously. He was also afraid that he would lose his job if Lennon discovered this, due to their feuding in the media. McCartney was the only one to comment on it when he learned of it. David listened to Tim Weisberg’s 1972 book “Hurtwood Edge” while he recited. Cashman

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