David Torn

Search under Sun of Goldfinger for David Torn/ Tim Berne/ Ches Smith trio Sun of Goldfinger. For Torn’s Prezens search under Prezens. David Torn, a guitarist and composer who was born in Amityville (New York) in 1953. He is known for his electronic and textural performance techniques. His use of looping effects is a particular favorite among guitarists. Torn was a member Jan Garbarek’s quartet in mid-1980’s. As a leader of the ECM, Windham Hill and CMP record labels, he has recorded six albums. He also has a number of CD-ROMs that include looping and ambient music material, which can be used by other artists as samples. He was diagnosed in 1992 with an acoustic neuralgia, a potentially fatal form of brain cancer. He was left deaf in his right ear after the surgery, but it didn’t affect his ability to compose and play (and possibly, very good) music. Torn mixes his own albums, though he says this involves sitting sideways at the speakers of the studio and “visualising stereo aspects” rather than trying to improvise with the sound by ear. Torn’s music was featured in many movies including Kalifornia (1993) and Traffic (2000). The Order’s soundtrack was nominated in 2003 for a Grammy Award. His studio is known as Cell Labs. Text contributed by users is available under Creative Commons By–SA License. It may also be available under GNU FDL.

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