Dayna Stephens

Dayna Stephens was a Brooklyn native who was born August 1, 1978. She was raised in San Francisco. At age 13, he began playing the saxophone. He was a graduate of Berkeley High School, where he participated in the jazz ensemble. Dayna was accepted on a full scholarship to Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA. He studied with Hal Crook and Billy Pierce as well as George Garzone, Andy McGee, and George Garzone. Dayna was also able to perform with Chick Corea, the Boston Pops and other performers during a P.B.S. special. Dayna graduated from Berklee and was chosen to join the Thelonious monk Institute of jazz at the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles by Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock and Terence Blanchard. Dayna spent 2 years studying there and, while there, she studied with Kenny Barron and Wayne Shorter. Dayna also played with Christian McBride and Carl Allen. Terence Blanchard was the artistic director. The Monk group recorded a spring 2003 recording with Terence Blanchard and Herbie Hancock. This recording featured some of the most memorable arrangements and compositions made by the Monk group over their two years together. Dayna graduated from the Monk Institute in 2003 and has been active in teaching and performing since then. He regularly plays in San Francisco

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