De Beren Gieren

De Beren Gieren is a solid evidence that gold can still been mined from the combination of piano, bass, and drums. Fulco Ottervanger’s compositions are the inspiration for the young trio. They seek music and each other. Their music is based on this: the challenge of using the power and potential of improvisation to find a new form. De Beren Gieren is having a blast. De Beren Gieren has won numerous prizes (Gent Jazz 2009 and Hoeilaart 2012.) They have shared the stage with many internationally renowned musicians (Ernst Rijeseger. Louis Sclavis. Jan Klare. Susana Santos Silva. …) The group released its third album October 2013. Music lovers across Europe start to recognize their hard-to-pronounce names. They were invited to perform in Norway, Austria and Germany, as well as Slovenia, Slovenia, The Netherlands, and Slovenia in 2014. It remains to be seen what the future holds for these young talents. from

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