Debashish Bhattacharya

Improvisation is the key to Indian Raga Music. The same result can be achieved by different musicians. The sky is the limit for a musician who has substance. His ability to improvise within the context of a Raga, or within the limits of an instrument, is a unique experience for both him and his listeners. Some people go beyond Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya to open up new horizons in their field. Debashish Bhattacharya, one of the most outstanding music personalities in the world, is a Genius. His creativity and dynamism make him an extraordinary musician. Debashish is a product of the My Childhood – My Musicfamily, which has been a family of musicians for generations. Subhasis, his brother, is a proficient Tabla player and other rhythm instrument savant. His sister Sutapa is a popular singer and was a popular performer during her first overseas tour. At the age of four, his debut was broadcast by All India Radio in Calcutta. He was blessed by Ustad Karamatullah Khan, Farukhabad Gharana, who was there to bless him with the Tabla. He was twenty-two when he won the All India Radio National Music Competition President of India Award. In his thirties, Debashish was the only person to be awarded the Top Grade by the Prasar Bharati Ministry of information and Broadcasting of India. His charisma as a musician, composer, innovator, revolutionary, guru, and director of the international slide guitar parivar (family), has attracted music lovers from every corner of the globe. His musical genius influenced many musicians. He is a formidable slide guitarist who has set a new standard for fellow musicians. He is not a composer. Universal Human Music is his faith. He believes it brings joy and peace to those who believe in it. Debashish is a performer who has the rare ability of communicating with each listener through his instrument. He also introduced a new style of fingerplay that combines thumb and index fingers. This results in the strongest Jhala and fastest Taanas. As a dedicated Guru and pathfinder, Debashish created a syllabus for Indian Classical Guitar. It is the first to include technical terminologies as well as abbreviations. Debashish is a recording artist whose musicality matches any type of music, be it Indian or other types of classical, jazz or blues music, as well as folk and Nue Music. Perhaps he is the only person to have created a TRINITY of slide guitars in Indian Classical Music’s History of The World Music. These, Bob Brozman says, are the “new arms and ammunitions against ignorance” and were christened CHATURANGUI and GANDHARVI. from

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