Debbie Davis

Debbie Davis, the daughter of two opera singers was never able to sing. She was born to be a singer. Her childhood was filled with musical theater and opera performances, which included her first singing performance at age 2. She was poised to pursue a career in acting, singing and dancing as a young adult when she sustained a knee injury that forced her to focus on singing. In her home state of New Jersey, she was a well-known rock and roll singer who also dabbled in jazz standards. Debbie made a name for herself in New Orleans’ music scene in 1997 when she moved there to sing jazz and other musical styles. She has recorded with many artists, including Soul Asylum and The Misfits, New Orleans Nightcrawlers and Dukes of Dixieland’s Leigh “Lil Queenie”, Harris, Paul Sanchez (Cowboy Mouth), Kevin Clark and Tom McDermott. She joined The Pfister Sisters, a world-famous vocal group. Since then, she has performed locally and internationally for the group for 14 years. Debbie started working with Nine Lives-the Musical in 2009, one of the most ambitious and critically-acclaimed local projects. She sang multiple roles and assisted in the vocal arrangements. This was not only for the 39 song album, but also for the many subsequent live productions. She was a part of seasons 3 and 4 on HBO’s critically acclaimed series TREME and also sang on the Grammy-nominated soundtrack. Offbeat Magazine nominated her for the Best Female Vocalist Award 2010. She was also nominated with Susan Cowsill, Irma Thomas (the Soul Queen from New Orleans), and Irma Thomas. Debbie traveled with her ukulele to Jazz at Lincoln Center in January 2012 for a special performance. This was with Michael Cerveris, a Tony Award winner. Debbie’s debut solo album, It’s not the Years, it’s the Miles was released in March 2012. It features a wide range of New Orleans’ finest musicians (Jon Cleary and Bobby Lounge, Tom McDermott and Todd Duke), as well as songs that span from Amy Winehouse to Irving Berlin. Linger Til Dawn was released by Debbie Davis and the Mesmerizers in 2014. This record was the last to be recorded and mixed at New Orleans’ legendary Piety Street Studio. The ensemble, which included Alex McMurray on guitar and Josh Paxton on piano, and Matt Perrine (sousaphone), recorded 13 songs in one afternoon to critical and popular praise. “Debbie Davis is a standout among the singers, like a bird of paradise in a room full canaries.” Debbie is New Orleans’ most prominent female ukulelist. She is proud to endorse Southcoast Ukes. She is also married with Matt Perrine, a tubist, composer, and arranger. They live in New Orleans’ Treme neighborhood with their sons Ben and Henry, and their dogs Cosimo and Daisy Mae. from

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