Deborah Shulman

Deborah Shulman grew up in Los Angeles and was blessed to have a family that is all involved in the music industry. Deborah Shulman, a singer and recording artist, has a diverse, international resume. Deborah’s nurturing was not only appreciated by her, but also in an unexpected way: Deborah is a vocal coach who is sought after by dozens of singers looking for help with vocal problems. Her reputation as a skilled and generous teacher was well-known. She has been a vocal client to Bette Midler (Linda Ronstadt), Jennifer Warnes, and Deborah won a platinum album for her collaboration with David Lee Roth on SKYSCRAPER. In 2004, she joined forces with Terry Trotter, the pianist, to produce two elegant, sophisticated recordings: 2004s 2, for the road, as well as the brand-new My Hearts In The Wind. Trotter is a jazz pianist best known for his Sondheim interpretations. From

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