Deep Jazz

Jerker Kluge, a German bass player, hails from Munich. In his childhood and teens, he learned a few instruments, such as guitar and flute. But when he began to play double-bass at the age of twenty-four it was love at first site! He continued his studies at the Konservatorium Munich the following year. His distinct projects, such as “The Hi-Fly Orchestra”, Hipnosis, “Bad Jazz Troupe”, and “Deep Jazz”, have made him a well-known figure in the international jazz scene. He has recorded 12 albums and performed concerts in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Deep Jazz, his newest and most beloved project, was born in a spontaneous session in a Munich studio owned by musicians in January 2008. Kluge wanted to experiment with new tunes, and to also test his new recording equipment. He invited musician friends to tape the entire session. The jazzmen, and of course jazzwomen, managed to create a powerful vibe through all the tunes. They also showed their sensitive approach to the compositions that they were playing for the first-time. It was clear from the amazing recording that this music should be released as an album. “Deep Jazz” was born. The first CD, “Heaven”, was released!

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